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Blender Green Juice (No Sugar Added)

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Blender green juice

This green juice is a tasty way to add a shot of important vitamins and minerals into your diet and is a great boost to your immunity. It is loaded with vitamin C, vitamin K, and several other important nutrients. There is no added sugar, but still tastes sweet and fruity. Its the perfect way to add a little color to your diet.

Start with washing all your ingredients. Then cut up your cucumber, celery, and apples into chunks. Measure out your greens and set aside.

Juice your citrus fruits, make sure to remove any seeds.

Add your chunked veggies, apples, citrus juices, and water and blend until there are no big chunks. Then add half your greens, blend again. Add the other half of the greens and blend until smooth.

You can use a cheese cloth, old dish cloth, or there are mesh bags on amazon to strain out the pulp. Just note it will stain your dish cloths.

Strain out the pulp with a cheese cloth and slowly squeeze out the liquid, don't squeeze too hard. I doubled my cheese cloth.

Store in the fridge for about 5 days.

Serve over ice with a garnish!



[Serves 4-6]

1 cucumber skin on

2 green apples skin on

3 stalks celery

2 ounces kale or about 4 cups

2 ounces spinach or about 4 cups

Juice from 1 orange (I used Cara Cara but you can use a regular Navel orange)

Juice of 1 lemon

Juice of 1 lime

2 cups water


Handful of fresh mint


  1. Start by washing all your fruit and veggies.

  2. Next cut up your cucumber into about 4 chunks. Then cut the apple off the core into chunks. You can keep the skin on both. Add to a high powered blender.

  3. Cut up your celery into about 2-3 inch pieces and add to the blender.

  4. Cut all your citrus fruits in half. Using a juicer, juice them all and add to the blender. Strain out any seeds.

  5. Add your water to the blender.

  6. Now measure out your kale and spinach with a kitchen scale and set aside, you will be adding this in steps because it will not all fit in the blender.

  7. Now blend the fruit and veggies plus juice and water until there are no large chunks, but it does not have to be smooth yet. Start on a low speed and work your way up slowly.

  8. After all the big chunks are blended up, add half your greens and blend until the big chunks are gone again.

  9. Then add the other half of the greens and mint if you are adding it, now blend until smooth. Again, starting slow and working your way up to high speed. You will be straining it so it does not have to be perfect.

  10. Now with a cheese cloth or old dish towel laid in a bowl with the edges over the sides, pour in the juice. Do your best not to let the edges fall in so that you don't lose any pulp. Now slowly squeeze out the liquid. Don't squeeze too hard or you will make holes in the cheese cloth and you will have to strain it again.

  11. Store in the fridge for about 5 days and enjoy over ice. Garnish with a cucumber slice, apple slice or citrus slice if you would like.

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