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About Me

Hi Friends,

    I'm Abby, the creator of Parsley and Spice. ​I like to create healthy, whole food focused recipes that are easy to make for the average cook. I love to experiment with different cooking styles such as dairy free, gluten free, and low FODMAP due to my food sensitivities and intolerances. But I focus primarily on using lots of veggies, protein, and whole grains.

    Having to change my diet recently due to a diagnosis of IBS and lactose intolerance, my eating has changed drastically. I now love coming up with new ways to create some of my old favorite recipes. Eating dairy free is my main focus, and I have found so many great alternatives that I am excited to share with you.

    Ultimately, my motto and goal of this blog is to promote a balanced lifestyle. I believe in focusing on health first, but still being able to enjoy all the things you love!


More about me:

    I graduated from University of Wisconsin La Crosse with a degree in Exercise Sports Science and a minor in Nutrition. My passion is nutrition and all things food. I am currently working on a sports nutrition/health coaching certification through the company Precision Nutrition!

    I absolutely LOVE food. I love healthy food, and not so healthy food. I love cooking, and going out to restaurants. I love weight lifting and being strong. I believe in a balanced lifestyle and enjoying the things I love, but also striving to be healthy and happy!

    Some of my favorite foods are tacos, carrots, cookies, roasted cauliflower, puppy chow, apples, pizza, honeydew melon, sushi, burrito bowls, and homemade mac 'n' cheese (that's just a few of them, I can't choose just one!)

    I am by no means a chef, but as a self taught cook, I love learning new skills and developing my own ways of creating meals I enjoy. I was a very picky eater as a kid, but now I love being able to make a recipe more to my taste and texture standards, and I have found a love for trying new things.


    I also love to get inspiration for recipes on Pinterest or restaurants and alter them to my tastes, or to make them healthier. I have lots of flops, but my family is great at being my taste testers and giving me honest feedback!

    I believe God gave me a passion for food, hospitality, and creativity to share with the people I love, and you all.

"Go, eat your food with gladness, and drink your wine with a joyful heart"


-Ecclesiastes 9:7

Other random facts about me:

  • Graycee is my first cat who is a 15 pound, sassy fluff ball that runs the house

  • Remy is my second cat who was named after the movie Ratatouille, he loooves all food!

  • I went to college for exercise science but left wishing I went for nutrition, but had to settle for a minor

  • I have IBS and am lactose intolerant. Aka, a very crabby gut.

  • I’m 28 and still live with my parents...

  • I have a wonderful boyfriend who loves to cook just as much as I do

  • I pretty much live in workout clothes

  • I started weight lifting in my 9th grade gym class and immediately fell in love with fitness and all things health

  • I spent the last 9 summers as a nanny and loved coming up with crafts and recipes to make with the kids

  • Grocery shopping is one of my love languages (joking, but I love it)

  • I was a swimmer in high school which created my huge appetite

  • I am the youngest of three and have one sister-in-law

  • I just become an auntie and have a sweet nephew

  • I'm a much better cook than I am a baker

  • I pretty much always order burgers from restaurants

  • I like target practice with my compound bow

  • I've always had a huge appetite



I can't wait to get to know you all!


PXL_20220715_032454844.PORTRAIT (3).jpg

Abby, Graycee, & Remy

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