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Happy Gut Immunity Smoothie (For Tropical Flavor Lovers)

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Healthy gut and immunity smoothie tropical orange banana papaya and pineapple

Did you know that pineapple and papaya have the enzymes bromelain and papain that help us digest proteins better, reduce inflammation, and promote a healthier digestive system? This tropical smoothie is packed with these great enzymes, along with vitamin C, which everyone knows is great for boosting your immunity. It not only has lots of great health benefits, it also tastes like a mini vacation!

Papaya, pineapple and banana are the fruits you will need for this smoothie. You can also replace half of the pineapple with mango. You can find frozen pineapple but you may need to buy your own papaya and freeze it yourself. I love adding papaya to my smoothies because of its digestive enzymes. You can use a fresh or frozen banana.

I like to use orange juice that is fortified with vitamin D and calcium, especially in the winter months. For the other half of the liquid I use water to cut down on sugar.

Add your fruit first, then liquid.

Blend until totally smooth.



[For 1] 1/2 cup orange juice (I like to use the one with added vitamin D and calcium) 1/2 cup water 1/4 cup (or about 50 grams) frozen pineapple 1/4 cup (50 grams) frozen mango -- or more pineapple for low FODMAP option 1/2 cup (100 grams) frozen papaya 1/4 of a medium banana fresh or frozen

Optional Handful of spinach

Scoop of powder greens Scoop of collagen


  1. Cut your papaya in half and scoop out the seeds. Then peel and dice it up. Lay the pieces on a parchment paper covered baking sheet and place in the freezer for about 2-4 hours or until fruit is frozen. Repeat this with banana if you would like your smoothie more frozen.

  2. When your papaya is frozen, measure out your fruit, water and juice.

  3. Add the fruit first, then liquid, then optional powders or greens.

  4. Blend everything together until smooth and garnish with orange peel if desired.

  5. Enjoy your mini tropical vacation!

Macros 160 calories | 37 C | 2 P | 0 F *Note that calories and macros can vary based on how you measure ingredients by cup, see images for amount reference

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