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Cream Cheese Wonton Burgers with Sweet Chili Sauce

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

cream cheese wonton burger

These burgers are a fun alternative for the traditional ketchup and mustard topped burger. The sweet chili sauce adds a tangy flavor with a hint of spice, the cream cheese pairs great with the sauce and beef patty, while the wonton strips add a fun crunch. Add a toasted bun and your mouth will be watering!

Choose your favorite cream cheese, I have tried two different dairy free options and the both work great. You can use regular cream cheese if you are not dairy free. I also like to toast my bun to keep it from getting soggy, but it is optional.

The Sweet Chili Sauce is the key for these burgers, it adds the perfect amount of tang and a touch of spice! You can find it at any grocery store in the Asian cuisine section, but my favorite is the Trader Joe's brand.

Spread your cream cheese, then add your chili sauce, then wonton strips.



[Serves 4]


1 lb ground beef or turkey

1 tsp Worcestershire sauce

1 tsp onion powder

1 tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper

4 hamburger buns

Butter for toasting bun (or dairy free substitute)

Cream cheese or dairy free substitute - to taste

Salad wonton strips - to taste

Sweet Chili Sauce - to taste


  1. Mix your ground meat with the seasoning and Worcestershire sauce. Form four even patties.

  2. On a grill cook your burgers to preference. Or on an indoor grill press, on medium-high heat, spray with cooking spray and cook the burgers until they reach your preferred cook. For turkey burgers it must be at least an internal temperature of 165°. Time will depend on your grill, just occasionally check on them with a meat thermometer.

  3. While those cook, spread butter on the inside parts of your bun, lay butter sides down on a skillet and cook at medium-high heat until bread becomes crispy and golden.

  4. When the burgers are done, spread cream cheese on your burger, then top with sauce and wonton strips to taste.

  5. Enjoy with your favorite fry!


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