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Dairy Free No Churn Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (With Natural Blue Dye)

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Dairy free no churn vanilla ice cream

This ice cream is so creamy, you can't even tell it is dairy free! There is no ice cream maker needed for this recipe. It is a coconut based ice cream, with a rich vanilla bean flavor. It is naturally dyed with butterfly pea powder and has sprinkles mixed in, because sprinkles make everything more fun! It's the perfect dairy free treat in a cone or on top of your favorite dessert.

To create this dairy free treat, you will need Silk Dairy Free Heavy Whipping Cream Alternative and a coconut based sweetened condensed milk. I found the whipping cream at Hy-Vee and Fresh Thyme in the specialty section. The sweetened condensed milk I found at Walmart in the baking section. Both are coconut based, which creates the perfect creamy texture.

I have used both real vanilla bean and vanilla bean paste for this recipe, both create the same delicious classic flavor. I have not used vanilla extract but this would work as well, it will just not turn out as rich.

Butterfly pea powder is a fun way to naturally add a touch of color without added flavor, but it is totally optional. I also like to add vanilla powder to my ice cream for a richer vanilla flavor, but again it is optional. Vanilla powder would be a great alternative to the vanilla bean.

Start by measuring out your dry ingredients and vanilla. Using a spoon or whisk, crush all the clumps in the butterfly pea powder.

Whip the cream for about 45 seconds, then add your salt, vanilla, and powders. Whip again until everything is mixed in. Then slowly add the sweetened condensed milk and scrape the sides. Mix until everything is incorporated, then fold in your sprinkles.

This is the whip consistency you are looking for, just soft peaks. Do not over whip, you don't want it to start separating.

Sprinkles are optional, but of course a fun addition. Mix in about a tablespoon then top with more.

This ice cream freezes hard, so let it sit on the counter for about 15-20 minutes to let it soften before scooping. Tastes great in a cone!



1 - 16 ounce Silk Dairy Free Whipping Cream Alternative (see photo above)

1 - 11.6 ounce can sweetened and condensed coconut milk (it can be slightly more ounces, it will just increase the sweetness)

1 vanilla bean OR 1 tsp vanilla bean paste OR 1 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 tsp coarse salt


1/2 tsp butterfly pea powder (for color)

1/2 tsp vanilla powder (for richer flavor)

1 Tbsp sprinkles + more for sprinkling on top


  1. In a stand mixer on high speed, whip the whipping cream with the whisk attachment. Whip until soft peaks form. Mine only took about 45 seconds, so watch closely to make sure you do not over whip and it begins to separate.

  2. Once the cream is whipped, add your vanilla bean, salt, vanilla powder, and butterfly pea powder. Make sure to break up the pea powder with a spoon before adding to make sure there are no clumps. Then whip at a medium speed just a few seconds to mix everything in.

  3. Now on high speed, slowly add the sweetened condensed milk until all is added. Turn off the mixer and scrape the sides. Mix once more just until all the milk is mixed in.

  4. Fold in your sprinkles and try not to mix too much so you can keep the air your just whipped into it.

  5. Now in a parchment paper covered bread pan or a plastic storage container with a lid, pour in the mixture and spread the top into an even layer. Top with a few more sprinkles. Cover with plastic wrap or a lid and place in the freezer. This ice cream does take a while to freeze compared to dairy. It should take roughly 8-10 hours.

  6. After about 8 hours the ice cream should still be soft enough to scoop, freezing longer will make the ice cream freeze hard. I recommend taking the ice cream out and set on the counter for about 15-20 minutes, or until it is soft enough to scoop.

  7. Tastes great in a cone, on top of your favorite dessert, or with your favorite toppings!

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