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Blended Guava Lychee Daiquiri

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Blended guava lychee daiquiri

This daiquiri is a fun and tasty combination. Lychee and guava pair to make a bright tropical flavor. Dragon fruit powder creates the beautiful pink color. You can easily make this drink blended or on the rocks, alcoholic or virgin. It is a fun, new twist on the daiquiri and would make a great entertaining beverage.

What you will need:

  • Guava juice or nectar

  • The juice from canned lychees

  • White Rum

  • Dragon fruit or Pitaya powder

  • Ice

  • Lime wedge

  • Sugar

I used Jumex guava nectar, but you can use any guava juice. I found canned lychees that I drained and used the liquid from the can. You can use the lychees for garnish if you would like. I used dragon fruit powder (also known as pitaya) for the coloring and rim, you could use fresh or frozen dragon fruit in the drink to color it as an alternative.

Choose your favorite white rum, I like to use Bacardi Superior or their Dragon Berry flavor.

Cut a lime so you have a wedge or two and wipe it on the edges of the glasses. Mix together your sugar and dragon fruit powder, then dip the glasses in the sugar to coat the rim.

Repeat for all glasses.

Add all your liquids, then ice, then dragon fruit powder. Blend until the ice is fine, but don't over blend otherwise the ice will just melt.

Pour into your glasses and garnish with lime slices or lychees and enjoy!



[Serves 4-6]


2 cups guava juice or nectar (I used Jumex brand)

1/2 cup lychee juice drained from the can (I used Aroy-D brand 20 ounce can)

8 ounces white rum of your choice (I like to use regular or dragon berry flavor)*

2 tsp dragon fruit powder (optional)

4-5 cups ice


2 tsp sugar

1/2 tsp dragon fruit powder

Lime wedges (for garnish and wetting rim)

*You can half the amount for a less boozy drink or skip it for a virgin cocktail


  1. Start by washing then slicing your lime so that you have a wedge or two. You can cut the rest for garnish.

  2. Next mix together your sugar and dragon fruit powder. Add this to a plate.

  3. Take your lime wedge and wipe it on the rim of each glass.

  4. Now dip the rims of the glasses into your sugar and dragon fruit mixture to coat it.

  5. Open your can of lychees and drain off the liquid into a cup. You can use the lychees for garnish or save for another recipe.

  6. Then measure out all your liquids and add to a blender.

  7. Next add your ice. You can use four to five cups. Use less if you are skipping the rum.

  8. Lastly add your dragon fruit powder if you are adding it, it is optional but it makes this drink the prettiest pink color.

  9. Blend on high until all the ice is fine, don't blend for too long after that otherwise the ice will just begin to melt.

  10. Pour into your glasses and garnish with a lime slice or lychee.

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