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This Ebook contains 12 unique mug cake recipes. They make the perfect healthier sweet treat. All the recipes are gluten free, with a base of oat flour that anyone will enjoy. The recipes are also dairy free if you use dairy free milk and chocolate chips. Why would you want to make mug cakes yourself you ask? The ones that you can buy at the store are full of inflammatory seed oils, artificial flavors and colors, refined sugar, and they are rarely gluten or dairy free. If you are looking to clean up your diet, but you aren't ready to give up all sweets, this is the recipe book for you!

12 Healthier Mug Cake Recipes - Gluten and Dairy Free Options

  • This recipe Ebook comes with 12 different mug cake flavor recipes. It also comes with baking tips, ingredient recommendations, healthy alternatives, and topping suggestions.

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